High-Volume Muskrat Trapping DVD

After much time, effort, thought and hours spent recording & editing, our muskrat trapping dvd project is complete. I wanted to make sure this product meets or exceeds every trapper’s expectations when purchased, and I’ve done my dead-level best to make that happen.

This product is not one of the entertainment type videos where a bunch of random footage is filmed along the line and then spliced together to make a show that doesn’t really explain a whole lot of things in simple detail with structure and flow. Not that there is anything wrong with that type of effort… but this time around I wanted to produce something that is highly instructional, focused on details breaking down the big things into “little things” that make a difference on your traplines for years to come.

DVD Contents include… traps and gear: setup and tuning stakes and staking systems for speed setting all locations seeking specific set locations identify key, pin-point locations for sets strategic setting on location for mass production dealing with weather: fluctuating water levels, freeze – thaw working around weather frontal systems sets and set locations for different parts of the year.

To recap, we discuss (in detail) traps, equipment, setup and configuration for maximum effectiveness. We detail our personalized staking system that works in all depths of water and any bottom consistency (hard or soft mud, silt, muck, etc) with no need for any additional stabilizer tools.

We cover muskrat biology and behaviors, how and where to identify key zones for set locations, how to pinpoint specific, high-odds trap set sites, where exactly to place traps for best results and why, along with a whole lot more.

A special section on the use of google earth online mapping for preseason scouting, trapline selection and management is included as well. Suffice it to say that we go into detail about a whole bunch of topics that have not been covered anywhere else by anyone else in public at this time.

There is a real difference between going out to catch a few muskrats versus preparing yourself to catch as many if not more muskrats than anyone else in your local area. Make no mistake about it… muskrat trapping for high-production or even high efficiency results is a whole different level than most trappers ever realize.

This dvd production is a collective work of most everything I can think of to help make your future results better than the past. If we can add even a few more animals per season for years if not decades to come, then I’d say our job here was complete :)

High-Volume Muskrat Trapping (dvd) retail price: $24.95 shipping (U.S.): $3.00 Total: $27.95
Run-time: two hours, thirty minutes (150 minutes)
Format: all dvd player software compatible

(outside U.S. please contact us for shipping) Dealer inquiries for bulk discounts invited


Two methods of ordering…

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#2 – U.S. Postal Mail check or money order (please do not send cash)

Austin Passamonte PO Box 633 Naples, New York 14512


DVD viewer’s feedback…

Anyway, I did view almost the entire thing and really enjoyed it. It was a different format from all other videos since it was more like a seminar….clear, concise and very informative. Thanks for putting this together and sharing your knowledge.

My greatest struggle in using conibears was stabilizing the trap. I’m looking forward to trying this out as it changes (simplifies) everything. This was well worth the cost of the DVD. I also appreciated that you identify other types of trapping systems, namely colony traps. Since I live in MN these are legal and I will be trying some out. I’m mainly a foothold guy but will be branching out now for sure.

Regards, [Harold MN]


I watched the dvd and I’m finally getting around to commenting. I really hope that my competitors don’t purchase this disc. How’s that for a comment?

I’ve been trapping muskrats for a lot of years, but on a smaller scale. 30-50 traps would be normal for me. Many of the concepts of picking location were not new to me, as I have slowly learned over the years, that the best place to catch ‘em is deep travelway sets. However, the dvd really pulls it all together, from speed to location to easier scouting. I wish I’d had it 20 years ago. It’s worth far more then the price of admission, and it also helped to get me really pumped up for this season.

So, thanks and best wishes for a great season ahead,

[L.S. PA]


Hey Austin,
Not the usual DVD. But 15 minutes in, I started to get it. I’m a 50 year old rookie trapper with one year under my belt with great rat trapping at my disposal. I caught 62 rats last year and 5 mink on just a half mile of over 10 miles of creeks/warm water streams here… didn’t have enough traps and not near enough knowledge. I took away enough from this DVD that I’m truly excited about hittin’ it again, with a bunch of 159 bridgers or 160s. The staking system has always been a problem for me and yours will work well.

[B, NE]


Hey Austin.
I finally received the dvd. I must say that its very informative and instructive. The use of the powerpoint to help teach your methods was a good call. I dont think you could video and get the same quality of instruction due to varying outside influeneces suchn as wind etc. Im not saying that it wouldnt work but you can and did make your points very strongly by doing it as you did… kudos to a job well done!! I think that the rats in NY are in trouble in a big way now.lol Thanks again and i hope you do future productions as i would be interested in them. Take care.
[John, NY]


Austin, you have no idea how big a light bulb went off in my head. The whole dvd was instructive, but what really hit home with me was your layout of the live map and how you go about narrowing down sectors for setting. You’d get a real kick out of watching me spend a day and a half wandering around in cloverleafs and figure 8s while trying to figure out where to make sets. Now I see how the numbers guys think, which was a real eye opener to me. Figured you had some sort of insight on where to go and how.. now I see.

Excellent production from start to finish. I have a lot of dvds thru the years, this one ranks right up there at the very top of most informative. Looking forward to your next one. Is it done yet? <jk>
[Brett, OH]


Austin, I just wanted to let you know that I received the dvd and I like very much what I have seen so far. I like the “power point” format, if you will. I think it will be copied by others in the future.
[Steve, NH ] 


I received my dvd today and was I ever impressed by what you are showing. This will undoubtly be one of the best DVDs in my trapping library and I appreciate your planning and attention to detail you have demonstrated.You have really opened my eyes to catching muskrats this season and for years to come because this is a dvd that I know I will watch over and over.

Although it is not the usual taped dvd format people are used to seeing it still brings your message across very well. Thank you for putting out a great instructional dvd and I applaud your attitude and work ethic. And thank you for your donation to T-man for each dvd sold. You Sir are a class act!
[LS, NC]


Its a great dvd. I picked some pointers.
Thanks again.
[TC, MI]


Watched it last night, I will be using your staking technique this year. Good Vid
[RF, CT]


So, I just finished watching the video in its entirety (2.5 hours) and I have to say… it feels like you managed to get 4 hours worth of info into it. You really covered a lot. I wasn’t so sure I was going to like the audio with photos style of teaching, as I’m usually a better learner by watching – not listening. However, your upbeat technique of speaking through this video really helped keep me focused. The way you picked apart and broke down each photo worked for me.

I learned a few things for sure… one was a way to help tweak the way I stake – I was very similar, but your way will save me a few seconds on each set… and I definitely learned a couple more “set” scenarios to keep an eye out for this season. I’m sure the video is going to add to my catch this season. [Craig, NH]


Loved the material, man! Your staking setup is slick and will def save me buck$ from adding more stabilizers which I intended to do this season. I tried it out using 110s in the backyard and cannot believe how simple this is. Really cuts down at time per set all around. I will try the sumac saplings like you shown, but using lath for now because I have lots of it already.

Great job, excellent info, put me on your mailing list to notify when next video comes out!
[Brad, OH]


Hey Austin,

Offering you feedback as requested. Overall the information was solid and fresh, not regurgitated as seen too often in the media. The part I liked best was your strategy for gang setting and many pics showing results of 2 – 4 catches per spot. I come from the school of one trap per bank den or run. Definitely opened my eyes to how multiple settings and catches are done
[Ben, NJ]



Just wanted to let you know how great I thought your movie was! The college lecture style method you used really worked well with your material. YOur staking system seems to resolve every issue i’ve ever had with my traps. Also your advise on the 160 or larger trap to target rats has really opened my eyes and makes me wonder how many rats I have been missing! This was money well spent and i took more useful info from this movie than just about any other I have purchased and again thanks for the help resolving the player problem. I will highly recommend this video to anyone who asks. 
[Mike, NY]



Received the dvd today at long last. Been anxiously waiting for this day to come! As someone who has read all your books, this one picks up right where the muskrat book left off. I see you’ve mad some refinements thru the years which was expected. By far my two favorite segments were your staking method and also the google map tutorial. I’ve done something similar with staking in the past, but never thought of applying it as you do to compensate for any depth of ancher at each location. Simply ingenious!

The google map section was real enlightening, gave me a sense of centering and direction on how to approach a new location. I’d like to see more time spent in that regard for future works, I think your descriptions of how to zero in on prime spots and rotate the lines around, etc is where the real value is. Most of us already know how to set feedbeds and floats and 110s across denholes. I notice you spent no time with that which is wise because youtube is filled with such material. You hinted that another muskrat video will be produced this season, I for one am looking forward to it. Especially if it shows set locations and check results thru all weather conditions including high water and snow covered ice.

Congrats on a successful production. You hit the mark :)
[M.G., NY)]


For the averaged price of three (3) muskrats sold during last fur season, I hope this provides one of the most detailed, instructional video productions available to trappers today. In my opinion the segment on staking tactics and/or the segment on google earth maps scouting & planning a line are each worth way more than the investment price… but mine is a highly-biased opinion at that! (grin)

In any event, a lot of time, energy and effort was invested in this product to bring you the best information possible to help increase your muskrat (and mink) catch this season, next season and every season after for the rest of your trapping career. I hope this helps, and I’m pretty sure we will not disappoint you :)